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From Box Office to Ballot Box: 10 Celebrity Politicians

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Poliwood: The ups and downs of combining celebrities and politics

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This list was written from a post that originally appeared on the Britannica Blog. Oct 14,  · The intersection of politics and Hollywood can elevate policy debates and inspire broad audiences. It can also dumb us down to a nation of slack-jawed spectators, writes John Avlon.

With a penchant for attention and widespread name recognition, celebrities have a unique advantage in politics, where simply getting noticed is the first step toward winning a political campaign.

Celebrities have and are taking a more prominent role in politics, while politicians have and are stepping into the realm of celebrity, like JFK and Marylin Monroe painted as media darlings or.

Considerable political and media attention has focused on the phenomenon of the ‘celebrity politician’. As this article illustrates, there are two main variants of the phenomenon. Taylor Swift is another celebrity that straddles the lines of political parties.

Perhaps this is due to her age and the fact that she's only be able to vote for two elections. Celebrity politicians are not something new, neither are they uniquely American.

Beforewe saw many celebrities-turned-politicians in the US, particularly at the sub-national level: think only of wrestler Jesse Ventura, who served as governor of Minnesota (), and Arnold Schwarzenegger, two-time former governor of California ().

Celebrity politicians are a sign of our political decline Celebrity politicians
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