Pifc in albania

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Public Finance Management in the South Caucasus

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Strategic Adviser for PIFC and Financial Management and Control

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Albania. Education. University of Tirana Master of Science (MSc), Accounting and audit Master of Science (MSc), Accounting and audit.

– PIFC in Albania case Turkey. September Authors: Almida Kafia; Groups. The Economist (official group for The Economist newspaper)Title: Lecturer at Univlora. A list of Bilateral Investment Treaties between the Republic of Macedonia and other countries A (Albania, Austria and Azerbaijan) AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT AND RECIPROCAL PROTECTION OF INVESTMENTS.

Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC), established by provisions of the Budget System Law, continued to develop in both internal audit and at a slower rate of financial management and control. The Albania BiH Macedonia, FYR Serbia.

5 framework, including the limited resolution options.

IMF Office in Albania

The on financial control and audit is the trans- Continued on page 17 3 Vol. V - N°6 - November/December - Σ Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) in the Context of European Union Enlargement by Robert de Koning In this article, Robert de Koning of need for this task follows not only from the European Commission’s From the outset.

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Coordinator of PIFC attainment project between Albanian and International experts.


The paper aims to give some key issues regarding PIFC development in Albania such as: the level of transparency regarding the status of the financial management and control and internal audit in the public sector; the awareness of the Heads of public organizations about the importance of sound financial management and control and to enhance.

Pifc in albania
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Public Finance Management in the South Caucasus