Strategic clock on easyjet

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London College Unit 7 Business Strategy Assignment

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easyJet’s strategy is focused on key airports, serving valuable catchment areas that represent Europe’s top markets by GDP, driving both leisure and business travel. easyJet has developed a more economically resilient network than its competitors, helping to support consumer demand throughout the cycle.

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Check back regularly to find your next favourite book. Love them or hate them but low cost airlines such as Ryan Air and EasyJet are here to stay. Using Bowman’s strategy clock model where does Jetts fit? I would argue that it’s a low price with a medium to high perceived benefit.

Are we looking at a Hybrid on the clock? Assist America is a provider of global emergency medical services for travelers. A value discipline is more than just a benefit statement—it is a statement of strategic focus and provides a context for a company to set its corporate vision and objectives, to target its most profitable customers, and to focus and align its activities.

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The aim of this report is to analyse and evaluate the competitive strategy that Easyjet have utilised in order to develop their current comp.

Strategic clock on easyjet
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