Volkswagen matulovic

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Volkswagen Of America Managing It Priorities Case Study Summary

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IT Governance at Volkswagen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who controls the budgets from which IT spaces are funded at Volkswagen of Reading. Simplify the project prioritization process.

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Uwe Matulovic. Head of Management Board Volkswagen Group IT Services GmbH. Udo Tuerke. Leiter PWW bei Volkswagen AG. Janin Ebers. Referentin HR Strategy and Innovation bei Volkswagen AG. Ralph Linde. Head of Group Academy bei Volkswagen Group. Marie-Luise García Pérez. Personalreferentin bei Volkswagen Strategische Projekte.

funded at Volkswagen of America? How should Matulovic respond to his fellow executives who are calling to ask him for special treatment outside the new priority management system?

GET HELP WITH THIS PAPER TODAY. Do you need help working on this assignment? We will write a custom essay on this or any other topic specifically for you. Volkswagen of America: Managing IT priorities Introduction Volkswagen is known as people 's car.


Financial aspects and fuel amounts were kept in mind to transport a family of five. Volkswagen still remains the best seller due to its air cooled engine and rounded performance. In this PPT presentation we analyze the case: Volkswagen of America.

Volkswagen Of America Managing It Priorities Case Study Pdf

We use a practical approach to the problem and raise some questions about the performance of the main character of the case study. If Volkswagen thinks the project is really important then, they (and Matulovic) need to find a way to make it happen.

Moving forward: As we discuss the process of IT funding at VW, it is imperative that we elicit the characteristics of a good process for deciding IT funding priorities. Matulovic should continue his plans to establish the supply chain management and at the same time consider what needs to be done in order to get funding.

Volkswagen matulovic
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Volkswagen Of America Managing It Priorities Case Study Summary